Wednesday, January 24, 2007

March 2006

3/12/06 West BDR. Pat and Dan in tandem kayak. Put in at
Centennial Park,takeout Knoch Knolls. 5.84 miles in 1:08 kayak
time. Naperville guage at the time of the trip was 5.90. We got
stuck once and scraped bottom a couple times, trying "river right"
a few times when we normally do "river left". 5.90 on the gauge
may not be high enough for the canoe. Note: When the gauage
was at 5.74 we felt the East BDR was quite fast, we did not feel
this on the West BDR at 5.90.

3/30/06 West BDR. Dan in single. Put in at Mack Rd, takeout at
Centennial Park,7.32 miles in 2:18 kayak time. Naperville guage
at the time 5.16. Couple low spots but at 5.16 no real issues.
There were 3 dam portages on this trip. The first was at Warrenville
Dam, about 43 minutes from Mack Rd and 10 minutes (.447 miles)
from Rt 56. McDowell Woods dam is right after a nice canoe launch
area and about 35 . minutes from Warrenville dam. Fallwell dam
is approx. 30 minutes from McDowell dam.

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