Saturday, January 20, 2007

My kayaking history

I have been a recreational kayaker for the last couple of years. I received my first single kayak as a Christmas gift from my wife. Although I had gone canoeing over the years, either renting them or using someone else's, I had learned to kayak at family camp in Wisconsin (Camp Edwards). I immediately knew that of the man-powered watercraft, kayaks were the way to go.

When I feel like I need to justify a kayak trip, I tease my wife that she was the one that opened my eyes to the wonderful world of kayaking! I also used that same logic to justify my purchase of my second kayak, a tandem. "Honey, now the three of us can all go together!" After all, kayaking by yourself can be dangerous and is not very social unless you know someone else with a kayak.

Although we had been taking trips on a regular basis, 12/26/2005 was the beginning of the "streak". Since then I have gone kayaking in 14 consecutive months 14 (as of 1/2007). For living in Northeast Illinois that's got to impress you, right? Pat and Kent have shared the most trips with me but Mark, Matt, Cole, Steven, Little Dan and Lisa have also been part of the fun at some point. Larry and Ben also got a taste of kayak-fever with a trip around Churchill Woods.

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