Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nov 1 makes it 4years meat in tow

The continued rainy weather and the 1st of a new month landing on a Sunday set up perfectly to get month 48 in the books. As they did last week, Dan, Kent and Pat met at Centennial beach. A few things differed from last week, though. Big Red, Pat's Mad River canoe made a rare appearance and JD showed up for a 2nd trip (always encouraging when someone is willing to participate again with the Duper boys). The biggest news of the day was the first time appearance of Rick....a Duper virgin as it were.

Sensing that there may be something "special" about to happen, Rick nervously asked if there was some sort of initiation or hazing. Any regular reader of this blog is well aware that there most certainly is an initiation that must be administered and that the details of such initiation must never be disclosed in this blog. Rick of course was no stranger to bizarre initiation rights having been part of the airline industry during the sex and drug hey day of the early '70's. Like all first timers who experience their maiden Duper trip, Rick appeared to enjoy everything about the trip, including the secretive right of passage. When asked how the initiation went, Rick exclaimed "it was not too bad, but my pants got a little wet!" That's what all first timers say, Rick.
Pictured: JD (appearing to be stating "you try that initiation BS on me again I'll shove this paddle where the sun don't shine"), 2 random shots of Kent, Pat and JD and finally Rick, checking to see if everything was ok after the Duper boys had "welcomed" him to the club.
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Oct 2009 - month 47...the fright float

It has been a few months since the blog has been updated but rest assured, we have continued the streak throughout the summer. I lacked inspiration but will try to keep it updated as trips are taken.
Due to the rain that we got on approximately 20 of the 31 days in October, the last full weekend in October set up nicely for a little Halloween float. Kent, Pat, Dan and Mike put in at Centennial beach and paddled (if you can call it that) down to Ring road. We attracted quite a crowd as Pat and Dan struggled to put Kent's skirt on Dan's yak. Nothing like looking like you know what you are doing while a crowd watches. Once we figured out the square peg / round hole errors of our way, we donned the masks and headed down river. As always, the crowd was quite receptive to monsters yaking on the Duper.
Once out of town, the real beauty of having paddling pals to share some quality river time comes to life. As we sucked on our beers we shared stories and tales that can only truly be appreciated on the river. I swear at one point I thought Mike and Kent were going to pull over and do a Deliverance dance right on the shore. "Squeal like a pig, bro!" Talking of hot, searing meat while fondly looking at the beautiful fall foliage, Mike swore he was so relaxed that he would be able to sleep for a week if he were able to enjoy a little quality "alone" time, if you know what I mean!!
While Kent and Dan had completed month 47 earlier in the month, Pat needed this end of the month trip to continue his streak. I CAN validate that he was on the river and in a kayak, I can NOT confirm that Pat actually paddled at any point during the trip. Many times during the trip he leaned back as far as he could as if trying to put his head in Dan's lap, all along singing a song about getting an early morning beer buzz on.
We all acknowledge this probably was the best trip of the year.