Wednesday, January 24, 2007

May 2006

5/4/06 East BDR. Dan and Pat in canoe. Put in at
Hidden Lake, takeout at Community Park. Had to
portgage 3 times (one we straddled the tree and
hoisted canoe over the tree, technically not
portaging). Initally had canoe facing backwards,
awkward seat feeling. Had one "rapids" situation
south of Warrenville, screamed like little school
girls. Fisherman close by observed the very manly

5/20/06 East BDR. Dan and Pat, with little Dan in
canoe. Put in at Community park, takeout at Royce.
Little Dan discussed dificulty of finding his balls
in the grass, Uncle Dan suggested getting up on his
knees. Got stuck a couple of times with river at 5.20
and the 3rd passenger in canoe. Downed tree that was
an issue on a previous trip for Dan and Kent had been

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