Wednesday, January 24, 2007

August 2006

8/13/2006 Dan and Kent in tandem kayak, river at 4.83,
put in at Community park and takeout at Royce. Only
got stuck a few times with the river so low. Previous
downed tree resulting in hard portage in July was
passable. Nice to know river is do-able in Dan's tandem
with less than 5.00 on Naperville guage.

8/20/2006 East BDR.Dan and Pat in tandem kayak, river
at 5.20. Put in at Mack Rd, take-out at Centennial Beach.
Three portages around the 3 dams, bottom growing weeds
almost choking river at some points. Lilies growing 2
feet above water level covered whole width of river, very
narrow passageway at far right bank.

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