Thursday, May 15, 2008

You're going yaking and you'll like it!!!

A father and son outing for Kent and Cole as the 3 of us headed down to Shorewood for some "whitewater" action. This is the 3rd time I have done this section. The 1st time I felt like I was going down class IV rapids...pure exhilaration. The 2nd time the water was low and it was not much more than the "action" in downtown Naperville. This trip was somewhere in the middle. As a reference point, the Shorewood guage was at 3.25 feet. Anything less than that and it is not worth the trip, anything above it would be worth the trip.

This also marked the Duper boys' 30th consecutive month of kayaking. Are you impressed? The 3 pictures are a posed pre-trip picture taken by a 4 toothed woman, Kent and Cole working hard (or hardly working) and some members of the kayak club working the river. Note: Double click on the pictures for a larger view. The 2nd one you will be able to see Cole's amazed look as he gazes upon my pasty white shoulders. Keep your eyes in your head, boy, this meat is spoken for!

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