Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008 -

Memorial Day 2008 (could a consecutive streak be started?) and Kent, Pat and Dan headed out for a familiar trip with a twist. We put in at the familiar Hidden Lake location but this time to the north of the bridge (see 3rd picture). The recent storms from the night before gave us a nice little moving water start under the bridge. What a way to honor our soldiers with a trip on the Duper.
Thru the Arboretum we had a couple nice spots of moving water which always elevates the enjoyment. This enjoyment was temporarily capsized as we had a major portage around work at I-88. We were soon back on the river telling stories of great culinary masterpieces, bar tending wizardry and dreams of a Deliverance-like trip that seems to never come to fruition.
All of this culminated with the 7 Bridges whitewater (see pictures 1 and 2...trying some new techniques). We also had a new take out spot, paddling up stream at Hobson back into the apartments / townhouse areas new the golf course. I am pretty sure this is trespassing but it never seems too bother the others. Next week June is here and month 31 should be accomplished soon.
As always, double click on pictures for a larger view.

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