Friday, May 2, 2008

My three sons....or is it my three Duper boys?

Last summer it was a trip with my oldest brother Larry (see blog entry"Larry does the limbo"). This past Saturday it was initiation day for brother number 2, Tom (pictured above in the blue yak). Brother number 3, Pat, of course is one of the original Duper boys and is part of the current 29 month streak. EDITORS NOTE: Pat claims an unvalidated "masteryak" that took place on May 1 to extend his streak to 30 months.

Although a little cool and windy, the sun was out and we had a good time paddling upstream to just past the Great Western trail (picture above is just north of the trail). Tom seemed to enjoy himself (especially the Duper Virgin rite of passage initiation ritual administered flawlessly by Pat). In order to protect the sanctity of the club's secret ritual, I again refused to document this procedure photographically. I think any of our future presidential aspirations will be thankful that pictures do not exist.

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