Monday, February 15, 2010

Butkus........number 51 in a row

Dan, Kent, Pat, JD, JimM., Jim H., Tom D.

Going with the first weekend in the month strategy in order to extend the streak, 7 of us headed down to Hidden Lake for the Arboretum run. Although the temperature was a very acceptable 30'ish, the water level was questionable (5.11 on the Naperville gauge). Kent and Jim H. teamed up as did Dan and Tom in the tandems, while JD, Pat and Jim M. did it by themselves. Despite getting stuck multiple times (tandems more than solos), the veterans enjoyed an old friend while the first timers appeared to really enjoy this route.

The fishermen in the group fantasized of a future "Big Catch" while Dan and Kent fondly recalled their moonlit, bug filled inaugural night 'yak. Jim M. retold an episode of Two and a half men in which Alan took up kayaking and Charlie accused him of masturyaking. I would love to know when that episode initially aired and see if it is after my Urban Dictionary published definition.

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