Saturday, September 13, 2008

Florida,drougnt....consecutive month 33

A little delinquent on the updates but better late than never, right? In August Dan and the family headed south to beautiful Marco Island. The condo we stayed at had free kayaks and sailboats for anyone that was staying there. Needless to say, we took advantage of both. The three of us took out a tandem and a solo ocean kayak. Both Steven and Lisa got a little queasy but I though thought it was great, the waves crashing over the bow. It was fun and qualified for month 33.

The next weekend, Kent and Dan (despite a month with no rain) headed unto the East Branch. Luckily Dan's shortened route suggestion turned out to be a godsend. We got stuck so many times on what is almost always a pure joy of a trip that the struggles took away from the enjoyment. Although the river conditions were not ideal, it is always fun to spend some time with Kent. Maybe we should have gone bike riding!!!
Pictures: The sailboat Steven and I went on, ocean kayaks we used, Steven with a fish, and Mr. Pelican who was always looking fro a free meal when we fished on the pier.

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