Friday, July 25, 2008


.....the familiar greeting from Kent came across my cell phone...."Did I want to go for a trip down the Dupe?" Of course the answer is always "yes", its just a matter of previous plans and if all the "honeydos" have been completed. With a recent rain the river was up and we put in at old reliable...Community Park. Pat had borrowed my solo 'yak for a little family trip so it was back to the good'ole times....Dan and Kent cuddled up in the tandem. You know the phrase, "It's better on top"? Well I have always prescribed to the "It's better in the back" when it comes to tandem kayaking but Kent begged to be the captain and we reversed roles. At least we didn't have to experience the loneliness of a masturyak. Check out my entry in the Urban Dictionary. Maybe it will make it to Webster's sometime.

The rapids were good and as always we had a good time. We did explore back into the Seven Bridges lakes prior to our takeout at the condos.
The previous week Lisa and I did this same route and she seemed to really enjoy it. Will she become an outdoors women after all? Probably not but I love her just the same. We need to get the ladies out again for a couple's trip.

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