Friday, March 14, 2008

Do not fear, the streak still lives!!

A little computer issue that lasted longer then expected does not negate the fact that the Duper boys did get out in February to hit consecutive month 27. Dan and Kent took out the two solos in one outing and Dan and Pat took out big blue tandem in another outing.

Kent ventured away from the core team the first weekend in March and made the downtown Naperville run with his 2 brother in laws, one being a Duper virgin. I have not confirmed this but I assume Kent took care of the usual initiation rites in my absence. The following weekend Pat and Dan did the same run, both experiencing a case of the frozen digits even though it was not unusually cold. As always with the winter kayaking, if we could only solve, with 100% success, the cold finger issue we would be set for years to come. Of course, despite this occasional inconvenience, the Duper boys are committed for a long run keeping the streak alive.

April, with warmer weather I hope, is just around the corner and month #29 will be put in the books.

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