Saturday, January 5, 2008

3rd annual New Year's Day float (26 consecutive months)

The Duper boys headed out for the 3rd annual New Year's day float greeted by fresh falling snow. As you can see from the pictures it was absolutely gorgeous paddling through the Arboretum. Kent and Pat took out the tandem and Dan followed behind in the single. Is it wrong for 3 men to go out in the woods together and enjoy the magnificent scenes that only a few others dare to enjoy? Of course it is not wrong, we can not help that so many others lead such sheltered lives!

Not only was this our 3rd annual New Year's day float it extended our consecutive month streak to 26. I suppose when it is 126 or 226 this number will sound trivial but you've got to document it and you must hit 26 before you can get to 126.

On Wednesday, 1/9/08, Dan had to go to Bonita Beach Florida for a conference. Always looking to squeeze as much in to the trip and to take advantage of being in another part fo the country, Dan rented a kayak and explored the mangrove lined Estero Bay. Although it was 80 and sunny, this solo trip was not nearly as fun as the ones shared with my Duper brethren.

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