Sunday, January 22, 2012

"If you don't drink in the morning..... can't drink all day." In every group in every situation, people tend to take on certain roles within the group....classic group dynamic stuff. The more I kayak with Russ, the more I am perplexed on what his role will be. I am liking "FNG Russ" just because I love the whole "FNG" label and it is not every day that this label fits someone as nicely as this fits Russ. It has a very comfortable feel, much like a pair of old slippers. Last week on the Chicago river Deb tossed out "Wrong way Russ". Possibility? Yes, but after hearing his little gem above and his weekly singsongy "I don't know where the Huskies go just don't eat the yellow snow!" (my apologies if either quote is not verbatim) I am thinking he may take on a new role that has not been filled before.

Oh yeah, the trip. We put in at Hidden Lake and took out at Community Park. We had some low spots that required a few wet walks but everyone who walked was quite pleased with their footwear and the cold water was not an issue. After the trip Russ was kind enough to bring 4 glasses and multiple beers for a post yak beer sampling. A little Backwoods Bastard was followed by some Breakfast Stout and lastly KBY. The last 2 looked more like chocolate syrup than beer but tasty just the same. As we were walking back to our cars, Russ grabbed a chunk of old cardboard out of his truck, threw it on the ground and proudly called out "Hey look, my changing mat!" As I drove away I smiled to myself and shook my head..."FNG Russ". If nothing else he has added some color to these dreary winter yaks. Till next time....SYOTR (see you on the river!)

PS Click on the link below for my new technological toy. Click on the Green map bubble at the top of the map, then hit the gray play button. Be sure you are scrolled down on the page so you can see as it tracks our trip down the river.

Arboretum Float 1/22/2012 by kayakmandan30 at Garmin Connect - Details

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