Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bloggers strike is settled! Streak uninterupted.

The pressure to produce informative yet entertaining recaps of the Duper boys' adventures caused an unfortunate blog-stoppage over the last few months. Call it a case of writer's block or just a lack of anything to write about but I am back in the blogoshpere. Who am I kidding anyway? Most of this is done just to satisfy my own desire to read some qualify prose. Kind of in the same vein (easy fellas, not a big purple one!) as when I get caught talking to myself and my standard response is "sometimes its the only way I can have an interesting conversation!"

Rest assured, the lack of a monthly accounting of all trips does in no way mean that the monthly trips did not take place. We utilized both east and west branches as well as the post merge DuPage river rapids trip in Shorewood. Pat, Dan, Kent and Chuck took advantage of some nice water and had a great time riding the wave trains. The post paddle beers and shots didn't hurt either. Apparently, Kent liked it so much he had Chuck drive him all the way to Lisle, just to drive back down again all in the same day. Not sure what the story was but I think I would have remembered that I had my car and had not accepted the ride home with another man. They do seem to have a "special" bond.

Over the almost 5 consecutive years of yakking, there have been conversations regarding what counts as an official trip and what does not. "No", they do not all have to be on the Dupage river. "Yes" renting a kayak on vacation continues the streak, etc. We, the active streak members (Pat, Kent and Dan), are usually in complete agreement, after all who other than us really gives a damn if the streak continues or not? This all being said, I feel I would be doing the consecutive kayaking streak loving world a disservice if I did not recall a conversation between Kent and Dan 3 weeks prior to Kent's Alaskan cruise. Kent: "I am getting on the cruise ship on June 29th, that counts as my June trip, right?". Dan: "Are you f%&#ing kidding me? A canoe. yes, a row boat, maybe, but a 70 ton cruise ship!!! You have 3 weeks left in June, get on the river!!!" Kent sometimes likes to mess with my mind but I don't he was this time, he was being serious. If nothing else, our streak will always be about enjoying the water, the outdoors and each other's a MAN POWERED boat, preferably a kayak.

Where the HELL is the RAIN???? We need some WATER!!!!

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