Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday - month 41....another streak?

Date: 4/10/09, Gauge: 5.60 Air Temp: 48 and very windy.

Could another streak be born? While Pat and Dan completed consecutive month number 41 the previous weekend with an Arbor Ridge to Royce Rd run, Kent was still looking to continue his streak. What better day than Good Friday to take a float and reflect upon the impending joy that Easter Sunday will bring? Although the grand plans were set in place on Thursday for a flotilla of 4 to enjoy what could become another annual designated float day, these plans petered out and only Kent and Dan participated. While Jim's excuse was he needed to do tax returns (nice excuse for an accountant 5 days before the tax deadline), Pat's stumbling, mumbling bailout seemed to have a little less legitimacy.....did I hear a whip in the background?

The Good Friday trip was uneventful although as you can see from the picture, there is a serious construction project under way at 75th. Although we passed with no issues this time, this could present problems in the future. Rumor has it the construction is for a bike path underpass. How ironic is it that providing an improvement for one hobby can adversely affect (even if only temporary) another hobby?
A quick comment regarding months 39 and 40. Not documented here in the blog but Dan, Pat and Kent all made trips in both months. Perry P. joined Dan and Kent on one trip and Dan and Pat encounted an impassable pedestrian bridge at 63rd. A quick trespass onto Seven Bridges golf course and we were off again. When advised of this blockage, Kent seemed quite disappointed we did not risk our own health and safety to work as DNR employees and remove said obstacle. Is this same guy who as our April float was coming to an end said "You are wearing your water boots, aren't you?"so that he did not have to step into the water to get out of the yak.

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