Friday, November 30, 2007

Consecutive Month 23 and 24

Mid October was our 23rd consecutive month as we de-flowered another Duper virgin. Perry had the iniation rites performed in the normal way...right in the middle of the woods with the great horned owl looking down upon us. Perry will deny all accounts of this trip as he refuses to acknowledge the existence of an owl on the Duper or any initiation rites of passage that were performed on him. Dan, Kent and Pat, the original Duper boys, all just smiled amongst themselves in a way that only they could understand and appreciate. It is not our place to question the existence of the almighty owl or why he is present during the daylight hours, we just know what happens on the river stays on the river (other than the nonsense I write on this blog!!).

The lack of rain seriously threatened our streak on the river (easy readers, we do not STREAK on the river). Alternate plans were being made by Dan and Pat to go visit a lake to keep the streak alive......why you ask? If you have to ask I do not expect you to understand. We got our 1st significant rain in a couple of months and the 24th month was no longer in doubt. Dan and Pat hit the Hidden Lake to Community park run on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Two interesting nature sitings, a 6 point buck and a squirrel swimming. I am not sure if that is normal but it is something neither one of us had ever seen.
Friday after T-day Kent and Dan hit another tried and true route: Community park to Royce road. We had a serious tree blockage which resulted in Kent staying in the kayak and getting soaked and Dan portaging and staying dry. We saw our wounded heron buddy as well as 4 deer crossing the river. Does anyone else realize what they are missing out on by not using the Duper? There was at least one other nut enjoying the river this you can see in the 1st photo a fisherman was out wading. The middle picture is Kent and Perry approaching the 7 bridges rapids and the 3rd one is Kent on the November trip. Sorry for the out of order pictures. Double click on the photos for a larger view.

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