Saturday, September 22, 2007

2 river trips, one entry

Kent and I put in at Hidden Lake on 9/15/07 and had a world's record slow pace down to Community park. The float through the Arboretum was enjoyable but the river was about as low as we have experienced. We did very little paddling and let the slow pace of the river take us peacefully to our destination.
A very uneventful float but enjoyable nonetheless.

On 9/22/07, the Duper boys ventured down to Shorewood to recreate our excellent adventure from 9/1/07 when the rapids were raging. A funny thing about rivers, they prefer to have water in them. Although we did not get stuck very often, the payoff at the end of this route is supposed to be the class 2 rapids that we experienced 2 weeks ago. No water = no rapids. This is a nice stretch with or without rapids and we did start to see some color on the trees. We need some rain!!!

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