Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 12, 2007 - Lonely trip, but streak hits 18

The recent Yakima rack sale at REI has allowed me to have rack possibilities on both vehicles. Loading kayaks on their side on the SUV is very challenging and this will allow a much easier double kayak transport situation.

This trip really accomplished two things: trying out the new rack and extending the consecutive month kayaking streak to 18 months. I loaded my solo and my bike and headed down to Warrenville road (a first ever put-in spot). I locked my kayak there, drove to Community Park, left my car and rode my bike back to Warrenville road. With all the solo logistics accomplished, I became one with the Duper. The gauge was at 5.24 and I did get stuck in one area due to low water level. As I passed by a group of "breaking" I-88 construction workers one yelled out: "Do you need a job?" I am not sure if they were that desperate for a warm body or that a lonely kayaker radiates the "I need a job and think I may find it out on the river" vibe or what.

I declined the offer (I wonder what the reference to the wind was with that job offer?) and took out at Community Park. After loading the kayak, it was back to get my bike and end the excursion.